Just spent quite some time today with my cousin Sandri who will be going to Europe at the end of the month and wanted some tips about where to go, what to eat and what to see in Paris. Where do you start, right? Needless to say, I was obsessively talking about all the small streets, cafes and shops I used to go to and the day passed by really quick :)

I, of course, recommended her to go to my favorite museum, eat quiche and pies in a bohemian setting and drink the best hot chocolate in the world, and maybe try to learn a bit of French by seeing this short video.

However, as much as I gave her all the information she needed, she was the one who hooked me up with this video below about a card called Paris Museum Pass, a pass card to all the museums in Paris. The video is amazing, and makes me even more envious of her going. But as they say in France: "chaque chose en son temps" (one thing at a time)... Right now, my focus is elsewhere and hopefully one day, my focus will go towards traveling again :)

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