Amal is currently learning about family and family history at school, and one of his homework was to write in his daily journal, answering the question: "Do you love your family? Why? What family means to you?"
I just thought I'd post his answer here so I can keep it forever and come back to read it whenever I want :)

" I love my family because they buy me books food and other stuff. My family is great because they already go to meany countrys like argentina, norway, france, amerika and other places. My family is awsome because my Granpa was the ambasador in  norway. My family is realy helpfuel you know because my mom and my grandma help the poor kids in a place called yum. My family means to me is that they always look after me."

* written exactly how Amal wrote it in his daily journal



One of my favorite bloggers, Cannelle & Vanille, has recently published a book and to promote it, she's made a video with the help of Ryan Marshall, from The Panic Room who makes beautiful videos. I've shared two of his videos in two previous posts: here and here.

The Cannelle & Vanille blog is not only full of incredibly tasty recipes, but it's a feast for the eyes. Aran Goyoaga is a trained pastry chef, who is known for cooking gluten-free recipes, and also a food photographer; no wonder the food images are sublime. See this article on Whole Living magazine where she talks about what to stock up with if you want to make gluten-free recipes.