I was invited yesterday on behalf of Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) to give a presentation about YUM to 200+ students attending the Global Issues Network Indonesia (GINDO) Conference organized by Jakarta International School and Sinarmas World Academy. 
I find it really inspiring to be among students who are aware of the global issues in the world and want to make a difference. I wish I had a forum like this one when I was in high school. 
Today reminded me about a workshop I attended a couple of months ago with teachers from several international schools. The focus was on Service Learning and how to implement service within the student curriculum. Again, it's great what's happening in schools these days. To be able to learn and at the same time give back to the community gives each student a sense of belonging.
Before the workshop, we were split in groups and sent to various NGOs working with the Jakarta International School. I happened to be in the group heading towards projects by Habitat for Humanity who builds houses for very poor people, including the beautiful old lady below. The houses were in the Sentul area and we walked around and found a workshop where they were in the preparation stage of making flour out of singkong (cassava). 
Just thought I'd share these with you :)