Living in Jakarta, you're faced with hundreds of malls, and whether you like it or not, when you have kids, you sometimes have to resort to going to a mall on the weekend as there's not much else to do. I've tried going to Bogor on weekends just to find some fresh air and a park, but honestly the distance is really a problem.
Now a few weeks ago, we received an email at the office from an organization called HiddenPark and they were interested to collaborate with the YUM Organic Farm in their upcoming event, which focuses on the hidden potential of parks in Jakarta. Their first event was last year and they did it in Taman Langsat, which is a park near Barito, a park I have passed through but never entered! Can you imagine? And this year, their event takes place in Taman Tebet. The photos below are from the event last Friday when the YUM farm taught 75 school children how to plant seedlings and how to maintain them for the next month, until they're able to be harvested.
Anyway, long story short, I'm really amazed by this program, which will last for a whole month. I think it's awesome; every weekend they have activities for the whole family, from yoga in the morning, to a library in the park, to various different activities. So I think we should all go!! And even when the event has passed, I think we should all make the effort to reduce our visits to the mall and try to visit Jakarta's parks, 'cause yes, Jakarta has parks! :)



I haven't been to the National Museum for at least a few years.... I can't quite remember when was the last time I set foot there. But one thing I do remember is how low the entrance fee was, and trying to understand how exactly they were able to survive with such low prices. I also remember that the museum was building a new annexe and it looked really good, but at that time it wasn't open yet.

Now cut to about 2 weeks ago when I met a friend who told me the museum is currently organizing Weekend Events or what they call "Akhir Pekan di Museum". These activities are targeted at children and usually consists of storytelling and arts & crafts sessions, but I think all ages can enjoy. So I took Amal and my good friend Tarra & her kids last Sunday. We went quite early in the morning, took the TransJakarta since it was car-free day and arrived there around 9am. We were there to hear the storytelling session called "Samurai Bersepeda" performed by actors from Teater Koma, and I can honestly say it was really good! I think we all enjoyed the storytelling session and had a look around the museum after that. Here are just a few of the things I thought were really awesome: 

If you're interested to check out the schedule for "Akhir Pekan di Museum", you can go to their facebook page :)


You must know by now how much I love the YUM Organic Farm in Cipanas. It's such a beautiful place, and I can't believe that almost every week, I can get fresh organic vegetables delivered to Jakarta....
Anyway, here are a few photos taken in the nursery a few days ago... I just love taking pictures of seedlings :))



I can't believe he's 9!
One more year until he becomes a two-digit number!

Celebration at home with grandparents and cousins

Traditional tumpeng made by Amal's paternal grandmother

A small get together with school friends


I don't know about you but I like collecting toilet paper tubes because I know there must be something we can create with them, instead of just throwing them away. And one day on Pinterest, lo and behold, I found a cute image of owls made from toilet paper tube! So I tried them out with Amal and his cousins and they were a big hit:

I don't think any explanation is necessary except to first paint the tube in one color, then fold the top center part of the tube and use a marker to make the faces, feathers and other fun drawings. Here's the website if you want to see the original idea :)



As much as it's great to visit another country and see great exhibitions, the best type of holidays is the one you spend with family. And Amal is the one who always reminds me that when we go on holiday, we should relax more, just enjoy spending time with each other and not go from one place to the other. Very wise kids at such a young age :)


This was a simple but fantastic gift from our trip to the Art Garden exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum: a do-it-yourself kaleidoscope! I didn't think making a kaleidoscope would be this easy, but it is, and it got me thinking of making them with the kids from Desa YUM Cipanas; that would be so much fun! I just have to figure out where to find those mirrors :)

Step 1: color in the drawings

Step 2: double tape the mirrors

Step 3: fold the kaleidoscope

Step 4: et voila!