It's holiday season and this year we had a 3 and a half days holidays in Bali, essentially to meet my uncle and aunt who are visiting from France and spend some time away from Jakarta. 

Our first day in Bali, we decided to go to Pantai Geger which is in the Nusa Dua area. My dad had spent a day there a few weeks ago with friends and thought it would be the ideal place for Amal to play with the sand and enjoy the beach. And he was right; the beach was calm and there were not many people there so Amal could run around freely. Unfortunately, it had rained on the way to the beach so it wasn't the sunny weather that we had expected. But as you can see, Amal had lots of fun anyway... 

We had lunch in one of the small restaurants in front of the beach and it was honestly good food, especially the grilled fish with the balinese "sambal matah". I don't remember the name of the restaurant but it was the closest to the beach.

catching seaweed to make a statue

seaweed statues of mama and amal

In the afternoon, I met with a good friend who I haven't met for the past 10 years and who now lives and works in Bali as a fashion designer. Love her collection, which you can see here: The Story Of