I have a family wedding to attend to and one of the things that have been bugging me is "what do I do with my hair?". Well, my prayers have been answered and I saw this on This is Glamourous (found via Say Yes To Hoboken). Now, the question remains whether my hair is long enough for this kind of do...hahahaha... You'll find the step-by-step explanations below the photos.
Anyhow, I'm glad I found this and who knows, maybe you'll get inspired too :)

using a round brush, blow-dry hair smooth and straight, focusing on the top sections

once dry, use a large-barrel curling iron to create waves from the ears down

build height and volume at the crown by teasing hair gently with a fine-tooth comb

gather hair into a low ponytail; twist it along the nape of your neck, pinning as you go

once you reach your ear, shape the remaining hair into curls, and pin them back over



I've been a bit overwhelmed by work and other activities lately but I got my usual e-newsletter from The Cool Hunter and found some cute pics from The Sartorialist blog and had to go see. I found some amazing pictures, starting from this super cute little boy, then the young woman from Milan and her amazing striped t-shirt, and ending with a photo of two women laughing their heads off, which I find very well captured!




To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know that they weren't on iTunes :) I love this photo of them. I think this is the perfect photo for the launching of The Beatles on iTunes. Who didn't grow up listening to them? I know my dad had the John Lennon hair and the Ringo Starr mustache back in the days...hehehe...



When I lived in Paris, I fell in love with a cute little restaurant in the Marais area called "Le Loir dans la Theiere". They had wonderfully comfortable, cozy sofas and old chairs, lots of artwork and the most delicious quiches and pies I have ever tasted!
I tell every person I know who plans to go to Paris that he/she should absolutely go to this restaurant. I also dream one day of opening a restaurant like this in Jakarta :)
If you do one day go to Paris, here's the address: 3, rue des Rosiers, Paris 4eme (Metro: St Paul)

Photos taken from here, here, here, here and here.



A couple of days ago, I read on Paris Daily Photo's blog that bouquinistes were slowly becoming extinct in Paris. Bouquinistes are shopkeepers who are situated on the banks of the Seine river and usually sell old books and posters to passer-by. With huge bookstores opened, they are now an endangered species, which is a real pity because they are an integral part of Parisian life. What will become of stroll along the Seine banks without these booksellers? So I dedicate this post to them and pray that they will be able to guard their position as parisian landmark...

[photos found on Google and from my own private collection]


I sign up for Oprah's e-newsletter and usually find interesting information or useful tips in it. In this week's newsletter, Oprah talk about gifts that standout because they contribute by helping other people. I think this is an excellent idea! I wish there were more products or gifts out there where we could not only buy it for our own pleasure, but it would also benefit other people in need.
No cords, no bulbs, no electricity—all the Sunnan Lamp needs to shine is a sunny spot where it can recharge its batteries. Part of a collaboration between UNICEF and Swedish home-furnishing behemoth Ikea, the eco-friendly Sunnan comes in a literal rainbow of colors, and for every lamp purchased, another is donated to a child living without electricity in the developing world. Since the $20 Sunnan hit stores in June, more than half a million of them have reached kids in South Asia.

Sunnam Lamp, $20; Ikea.com

[as seen on Oprah's newsletter]



I have a great fascination with photography... especially through my iPhone. There are so many great apps that you can download to make your photos more unique, and Instagram is just one of them. Instagram offers several filters such as 1977, Lomo-fi, Earlybird, etc.. Here are the results:


Everybody needs a little black dress, right? So if I had to make a choice, this would be my pick for the perfect little black dress :)



Aren't these illustrations gorgeous? Even more to me because they are illustrations of recipes, which always excites me of course :) I was reading the Jakarta Post this morning where I saw an article about this blog called They Draw and Cook, and couldn't wait to write about it here. Have a look, you won't regret it!

Belgian Moules Frites

Chocolate Truffles

Strawberry Apple Pie



If you remember my post about YUM participating in the Jakarta International School Farmer's Market, then this is what I dream that Farmer's Market can be like one day.
So, these photos are from a market called Neighbourgoods Market, situated in Cape Town, South Africa. This award-winning market features over 100 specialty traders who get together once a week, bringing together local farmers, organic merchants, artisan producers, micro enterprises and more.

What's even more awesome is that they work together with a local recycling organization so they now have a recycling depot for the market waste as well as for the local community.

Don't you just wish Jakarta had a market like this? :)