Ok, today I wanna share with you a really nice idea I had for gift wrapping presents. Last month when my aunt and uncle came for Christmas, I wanted for them to bring back some gifts for my cousins in France. However, I thought if I gift wrapped them with paper, it would be completely destroyed in their suitcase. So I remembered seeing at the MUJI store some cheap small-size tote bags. They only cost around Rp. 10,000 to 13,000 so honestly, I think you can't get cheaper than that for a small bag :)

Now, since it was really bland, I thought why not ask Amal to draw something on it and he decided on monsters (of course!). What's really funny is that, not only did he name all the monsters, but he gave a label to the bag! So he decided his trademark label would be ALMBLA. Go figure what that means but this little kid actually has entrepreneurial skills....hahahha...

So, all you need are the bags from MUJI (which you can find in Plaza Indonesia and Pondok Indah Mall I) and a marker special for clothing (which you can buy at Gramedia or other stationery stores). Et voila!