Bedugul is one place I haven't really been to, but my aunt and uncle highly recommended the botanical gardens there, and so we went on the 25th of December....and realized many balinese wanted to do the same so it took us ages to get there :)
But but but... it was highly worth the trip! On our way there, we stopped at a restaurant called Saranam, which is also an eco-resort, and found the most amazing view! It was really breathtaking! The resort also looked one-of-a-kind and I wished we could have spent a night there.
The Bedugul Botanical Gardens were also unbelievably beautiful. We went up to a part where we could see the Bedugul lake, then went to see the Bali Treetop Adventure Park which has some outbound games for children and adults. Unfortunately, since we weren't the only ones there, it was already full and so all we could do was walk around the forest and take pictures. Amal had a blast with the iPhone and took tons of pictures :)

View from the Saranam restaurant

The Saranam eco-resort

Another view from the restaurant

The Bedugul lake

Bedugul Botanical Gardens

Amal and Papi Guy taking pictures in the forest