I had a moment of pride a few weeks ago when a group of Master's students from HEC Paris, a business school with an excellent reputation, came to visit YUM Cipanas. Having studied in Paris, I sometimes wonder what could have been if I had continued my studies or stayed in Paris and continued working there. Was coming back to Jakarta the right choice? But all those questions were answered when I saw that these students, some of them my age, were in awe with the projects we have at YUM, and appreciated my work and what I had to say about it. That made my day..... and my week..... and my month :))



I'm so happy because I found a new great blog while browsing on my Flipboard. It's called Back To Her Roots and it's well designed and has really inspiring posts on cooking and organizing your cooking.
Best of all, it has tips on Weekly Food Preps, which I've been thinking of doing but never got to it. Basically it means that during the weekend, you spend a few hours cooking and prepping so that you have food ready for the weekdays and you don't have any excuse to eat junk food or leftovers (which is my huge problem!).

Check out 2 food prep options that were made by Back To Her Roots:

I think it's amazing! And I'm really looking forward to make:
- Salad-in-a-jar
- Deviled eggs for snacks
- Fruit and yoghurt parfait
- Vegetable sticks (and dip)