Amal is on holiday this week and we finally went to a place I had long wanted to bring Amal to which is the studio and workshop of ceramic artist F. Widayanto. His place is called Rumah Tanah Baru, located in Depok, a 20 minute ride from the Ragunan zoo.
I first saw F. Widayanto's works at an exhibition where he sold home supplies such as sinks, mirrors, house signs with his signature small animals such as butterflies, geckos, frogs :) His studio is a huge park with small wooden houses, a small shop and workshop where visitors can try out the art of clay modeling.

Amal and his friends Mabel & Sabine tried out clay modeling and made several cute animals like a turtle, a gecko, a butterfly, an elephant. They had a great time doing hands-on activities and now they have to wait 3 weeks for their creations to be oven-baked and colored. I'll keep you posted on the end result when we get them :)