Ever since I started working at Yayasan Usaha Mulia, I've been more or less obsessed with YUM's Organic Farm in Cipanas. It's so interesting to know how vegetables are grown and the process needed, but even better to know that they've been grown organically, just the way Nature intended it to be grown :)

So last thursday, when 100 8th grade students from the Jakarta International School came to visit our farm, I was over-the-top because YUM was finally able to show off our beautiful farm and teach children about growing food the organic way. All YUM staff at Desa YUM Cipanas and several of us from the Head Office participated as Workshop Leaders and Coordinators.

We had 2 hours to teach 4 workshops: Composting, Transplanting Seeds, Planting & Harvesting.
Everyone worked hard to prepare the event!

Photo left: Mas Samsul, Desa YUM Cipanas' Project Manager
Photo right: The transplanting workshop in the Nursery

Photo left: Kids learning to make organic compost with, among other things, goat's manure :)
Photo right: Preparing the land before planting the 3-week old plants

Photo left: Harvesting green & red salad
Photo right: Harvesting tiny sweet potatoes

We all had an excellent time (though I was a little bit sunburnt!) and I hope the JIS kids learned something from the workshops that they can apply at home or at school. If your son/daughter's school is interested in this type of activity, please email me at vanessa@yumindonesia.org :)