Cooking has always been a great passion for me, but combined with hanging out with girlfriends & Amal getting a playdate is even better! :)

I always like to surround myself with friends who have the same interests as mine, not just interest but excitement to be more precise. So when Dinda (mom of the cute Jiri on the first photo below) told me she was thinking of gathering some girlfriends to share recipes, cook together and talk about life, I jumped on the occasion!

Our first get-together took place Sunday, 13 March 2011 and I played host. We were supposed to be around 5 women, however we ended up the 3 of us which was probably a good number for the first session since we're still figuring out how we're going to organize these gatherings. Besides Dinda and the cutesy Jiri, there was also my good friend Tarra and her 2 adorable girls, Mabel & Sabine. Amal was ecstatic because he gets along well with Mabel, who is in his class this year.
Dinda made a Couscous Salad in advance for lunch and showed us how to make a Cauliflower Gratin (with buttersquash & carrot puree to make it more nutritious). Tarra made Herb Marinated Chicken Breasts and I shared my Carrot Cake recipe. The theme of this gathering is sharing recipes that are healthy, nutritious and can be enjoyed by our children. The kids were divided as to which food they liked best but they ate everything so that's a good sign :)
The plan is to have these gatherings once a month and hopefully our initial 5-6 girlfriends will be able to join in the next session. After contemplating on this first gathering, all 3 of us felt it was a huge success!