I've wanted to buy this album for quite some time now, but I just hadn't had the chance to go to a music store till last weekend. I don't know how to express my excitement as I listened to each tune but honestly, White Shoes and The Couples Company is one of the best groups I know (national and international). They always come through with amazing music, one more original than the next and they seem to me as very humble and close to their roots (friends and family) :)

Below is a music clip of one of their songs on the album:

And here's a video of them explaining the process of the making of this album:

If you'd like to hear their latest album, you can go here for a preview :) That link goes to their website where you can find the other albums they've made. Trust me, if you haven't heard their music, go straight to a record store (like Aksara) and buy their album :)