"Some people sweet and attractive, strong and healthy, happen to die young. They are masters in disguise teaching us about impermanence" - Dalai Lama

I read this quote a really long time ago and it hit me quite hard because yes, I had always wondered why some people leave us too soon, though they are the kindest people we know. And just a week ago, this quote is what came to mind as soon as my brother-in-law passed away. He was the kindest person you could ever meet, always ready to give a hand. The least he would do was to give you a huge smile.
If there is one thing that came out during our time of grief was that we got to experience just how many people he touched, friends or strangers, old or young, from senior officials to cleaning personnel, he was remembered as someone who treated everyone equally and made sure that everyone felt appreciated and valued.

It's a precious gift he has given us and in his memory, I will do my best to continue what he has taught us all.

[image found on Say Yes to Hoboken]