I remember when we built this house back in 1994, my mom overlooked all the construction and interior design. We were borrowing a house close to this one so she could go every day and check on the worker's progress. Then she got the idea from a friend to make the upper room floors in bamboo (at that time, bamboo flooring was not yet known as an ecological sustainable flooring option). She also added creative touches such as leaf-print cement floors and a high-ceiling for our family room.

But.... this house is now looking for a new owner. My parents have decided to build on a land closer to mine and my brothers' so they can easily come and see us.

If you are interested, the specifications of this house are:
Land 225 m2
Building 300 m2
5 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
carport for 2 cars
inner garden (dining room view)

Asking price: Rp. 1,300,000,000 (negotiable)

UPDATE: Sorry guys, this house has been sold...