You know how each time we talk about the early years of the 20th century, we always picture it in black and white because all the photos that were taken at that period were all in black and white? ... I remember seeing my grandparents' albums (Indonesian and French) and just being amazed by the costumes and sceneries of that era...

Anyway, in 1909, the millionaire French banker and philantropist Albert Kahn, toured the world with his camera to create an "Archive of the Planet" and he did so using autochrome technology, the first-ever industrial color-photo-developing process.

The images above are just a few examples of his archive that you can view on the website The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn. The pictures are amazing!

Also check out his museum, Musee et Jardins Albert Kahn, in Paris if ever you go on holidays there :)

[pictures first seen through the Very Short List email]