We're big salad eaters in my house. Ever since I was small, I can remember my mom making salad almost every other day. It can be just salad leaves or a mixture of red beans, broccoli, paprika, anything she finds in the fridge actually :)

But what makes the whole difference is of course the salad dressing. And many times, friends have asked me how to make the dressing and it's actually really simple.
I found the images above on Goop.com, Gwyneth Paltrow's blog which I recently discovered and the recipes are from her interview with Jamie Oliver so it should be delicious :)

If you need ideas on what types of salad to make at home, here are a few that we like to make:
* cucumber (sliced very thinly)
* carrots (grated)
* tomatoes (diced) with hard boiled eggs
* romaine salad, avocado and tomatoes
* broccoli, red beans, red paprika and tuna