I recently went on a working trip to Central Kalimantan, more precisely to an area called Bukit Batu, near Palangka Raya. The foundation where I now work has many projects there to help the people in Bukit Batu area. These people have a very low income so they are often unable to pay for health expenses, are not able to send their children to school and are often unable to work because of a lack of skills.
That is why Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) has started to concentrate in this area, focusing first on eradicating malaria which was a huge mortality cause in the region. At the same time, YUM built Clean Water towers (since people were still taking water from the river, often polluted), started to educate people on Health & Sanitation, gave school sponsorships and opened a Children's LIbrary & Resource Center.

I won't go in detail all the things that YUM is doing there. If you want to know more and want to help YUM, you can click here. But I want to share with you the beauty of the area and how I've been completely mesmerized by it! So here are a couple of photos....