My parents are selling their lovely house in Bintaro and maybe you might know someone interested to take over this beautiful home. It was built about 15 years ago, from scratch, and my mom oversaw all the construction and finishing. It has a mediterranean feel to it, lots of open windows and the upper floor has a huge living area with a very high ceiling and bamboo floors.

If they could, my parents would probably keep this house but they are planning to build a new house close to my house and my brother's so we can see each other more often :)

The area is a very calm neighborhood and the guards' hut for the area is right in front of the house so it's strategically located for security.
Close to the house, you have the toll road that leads to Taman Mini and Tangerang, an international hospital, several National Plus schools, lots and lots of restaurants and a huge mall with cinema, supermarket, etc.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, this house has been sold...