So My-Lan (or Mimi as I call her) and I ended up at a tapas restaurant in the Halles St Gery area, in the city center of Brussels drinking sangria and eating the best artichoke hearts and also shrimps cooked in herbs. I came back to the hotel around 11.30 at night I think; you can't rush a 5-year reunion! :)


Yesterday, I had a meeting in the morning then a free afternoon session where once again, I met up with My-Lan and we did a little bit of shopping and a lot of walking. The good thing about Europe is that you can afford to eat good calories-filled food because you're going to burn it off walking all the way home anyway...hehehe...
Yesterday, we ate cake and had coffee at Paul, one of the nicest pastry shops I know from Paris, the millefeuille was delicious...

Teatime at Paul

We walked around Grand Place, did some shopping at Rue Neuve, had dinner at a greek restaurant eating gyros and ended up in Halles St Gery again, at a terrace cafe (freezing ourselves) having a good old belgian beer :)

A store front near the Grand Place