You have nooooo idea how amazing I feel right now :)
It really feels weird to be back here, in Paris this morning transiting and now in Brussels... Though I was here 5 years ago with Amal, now that I'm here on my own, the nostalgia is really coming back... Nothing's changed: the smells are the same, the cold, the people on the streets, the french accent, the belgian accent.... the only thing that's changed is that I've been called "Madame" twice!! Argh,  that I still can't accept :)

The best part of this morning was the train ride from Paris Charles De Gaulle airport to Brussels... As the train left Paris, I put on the song "Holocene" by Bon Iver and it was magic! 
The scenery was all plains with fog and you could see the cold, bare trees... beautiful...

getting ready to face the cold 

Once in Brussels, I had some time off before the Engineers Without Borders contact person came to fetch me to meet the team. Since I hadn't had lunch, I decided to go find a supermarket... I found a Carrefour Express (yes, they have those here!) and bought myself a sandwich, a bottled water made in Belgium called SPA, and as a dessert, I got myself my favorite rice pudding... it's the best in the world, hands down!

Tonight I'll be seeing My-Lan and that's gonna be another story: the reunion after 5 years without seeing each other... stay tuned :)