I don't know where to begin when telling you how amazing this show is!
For one thing, I didn't stop crying during the whole show, not bawling but just teary-eyed. Everything about it was beautifully executed, from the costumes, the story, the decor, the acting. And we were so lucky to be seated next to the aisle so when the "animals" passed us by to go on stage at the beginning of the show, I could have fainted! I'm sure they saw me crying my eyes out...hahaha...Amal was also glued to the show, clapping after every scene, and laughing during Timon and Pumba's parts.

If you're still wondering whether you should go, look at the sneak peek above and buy your tickets now :) It's actually quite easy: all you have to do is go to Sistic and purchase your tickets online. I would recommend that you get at least the ones at S$85 (Stalls seats). The show goes on until 31 May 2011, but I heard it was extended until end June 2011 so just make sure if you're thinking of going in June :)