A few days ago, my son's class organized a charity sale of food and second-hand goods in order to collect money to buy two big garbage cans for the surrounding community.
For the past few weeks, the first graders at Al Jabr School have been learning about the environment and how to care about it. All the students went for a trip to the surrounding community and found that it needed more trash cans to learn about recycling. So they decided to organize a bazaar where they would sell food and second-hand goods (collected from their own houses) in order to get money and buy these trash cans.
The photos below are from the bazaar... Amal sold chocolate cupcakes at Rp. 5,000 each so we collected Rp. 60,000! I'm so proud of what the kids, teachers (and parents!) did. The fundraiser was a huge success!! This should definitely be done more often in order to teach children to a) get rid of the things they do not need anymore, b) care about their surroundings and environment and c) find creative ways to help other people! :)