We're back!! From an exhausting yet fun 3-day holiday with my little guy :) Although the main event of the holiday was to see the Lion King broadway show, we still had 2 other days to spend there so I decided to initiate Amal to art museums and so we headed to the Singapore Art Museum. It just happens that the SIngapore Biennale 2011 was still on so we got to see contemporary artwork from artists all over the world like:

left: Mark Salvatus who traced objects belonging to other people, trying to preserve a moment in time.
right: Koh Nguang How, who has recreated his apartment using newspapers he's collected for 30 years.

left: Sopheap Pich's sculpture made of bamboo and rattan
right: Amal's favorite exhibition, part of the ruangrupa artwork. This is a collection of toys from Happy Meals!

Not all the artworks were interesting for Amal, though I chose only the ones recommended for primary school students, but I think he got a good taste of what art is all about. Another artwork he really liked but I have no photo of is the video of a flooded McDonalds by Superflex. He wouldn't leave the seat before the movie ended...hehehe...