Hello! Amal and I are off to Singapore for the weekend... We're going to see the broadway show of "Lion King" which I've always wanted to see and I think Amal will get a kick out of it :)
Though I didn't plan this trip to be just the two of us (I thought eventually family or friends would join), we are finally going to be just the two of us!! Which is really exciting because even though we've been on trips together, we've always had people around. I can't wait to roam the city with Amal, eat nice food, see museums and parks and of course, do a little shopping!

Before I go, I just saw this new Spring 2011 Palette from Pantone (above) and I think they're fabulous. They're exactly the tone of colors I love. I remember reading that the "Honeysuckle" color has been picked best color of this year.

[picture seen on Stephmodo]