Since we're on the subject of health and food, I do believe that cooking at home is essential to knowing what you put in your stomach and also appreciating food more. However, many women of my generation have not had any experience in the kitchen and are more occupied at work or doing business rather than behind the stove. Which is understandable in many cases since it's sometimes difficult to live with only one salary per household. I myself am a working mom so I know how little time we have at home with our family. On the other hand, in order to teach your child about health and eating healthy food, I believe it's essential to cook for your child and with your child. It doesn't have to be everyday but maybe once in a while, during the weekend.
I don't have mad cooking skills but I'm fascinated by food, especially good food, and people who can cook up a great meal. One of them being Jamie Oliver. Now, what Jamie does that really grabbed my attention is cooking videos, available for free on YouTube. Check these out and tell me if you don't feel like cooking for your child after this: