A very good friend of mine, Brett Money, who owns a first-class wellness center in Jakarta called OM Wellness, gave me these images a couple of weeks ago. He's very much into health and sports (he's actually a physiotherapist specialized in sports physiotherapy) and is the perfect example of a healthy, balanced person.
I really like these images because they're visual and as someone who is a visual-learner, I find these really easy to understand and apply :)

I believe most diseases are food-related these days. There used to be a time when we bought our groceries from the local market, cooked every meal at home and ate with our family every day. Nowadays, we have canned food, fast food and people rarely eat with family besides going to the restaurant. We live with pesticides, MSG and saturated fats and some don't even find it harmful. Well, I think it's time to get back to the old habits of cooking fresh food, knowing where your food came from and what ingredients are in your food.... Maybe by doing these 3 steps, we can start to live healthier :)