Last weekend, my son and I made some Christmas cookies from a sugar cookie recipe I found online. I must confess it's not the best recipe because it had too much butter and I had to add a ton amount of flour but it finally turned out to be quite good. However, I won't write the recipe here because there are tons of sugar cookie/butter cookie recipes online and each person has their favorite :)
Here are a few I found: click here, and here, and here

What I want to talk about today is the cute wrapping Amal & I did to the cookies. It's really very simple!

What you need:
* Baking paper (find in baking stores such as Titan, on Jl. Fatmawati)
* Clear film
* Colored yarn/wool (can be found in stationery stores, such as Prapatan in Jl. Fatmawati)
* Glue
* Labels (which you can print from Free Printable Gift Tags)

- Wrap your cookie in a clear film to make sure it stays fresh
- Cut the baking paper in a rectangle that fits the cookie
- Wrap the baking paper and glue the extremities
- Tie your wool/yarn and make a knot
- Insert your label which you have inscribed the person to whom you want to give your cookie

Et voila! Take pleasure in the joy of giving :)