This year's Idul Fitri celebrations were, let's say, different. First of all, my ex-husband decided to say his Idul Fitri prayers at the mosque where my family was going to, and secondly, he celebrated the occasion with my whole extended family.....which has not happened for the past 4 years!

Amal and his cousins

Some people might think we have a funny relationship... 
I, for one, haven't stopped going over to his family and spending a day (or sometimes even sleeping over) during the Idul Fitri holidays. I do this because I sincerely feel at home there, I consider them my family and I'm adamant that my son feels included and part of his father's family. 

So 4 years later, I believe we've actually "succeeded" in our divorce. We've succeeded in a way where most divorced couples have had difficulties: putting our child's interest in front of ours.

How long will this last? Hopefully as long as possible. It's easy now that we both have not moved on and married other people, but that will be another challenge, which I look forward to and hope to find a happy compromise when the time comes.