Browsing through my Pinterest, I realized I had a few pics of various items with the rainbow theme so I thought I'd share with you:

This is a DIY of a simple white side table transformed by coloured japanese washi masking tape into a colourful one, made by Lady Croissant.

These kitchen utensils were given a new life by using different colours of non-toxic craft paint, made by Little Bit Funky.

I so want to sleep in these sheets (via The Company Store)

This is actually something I've always wanted to do in my own house, but it'll have to wait. When I browsed the blog of the one who posted this, I found it really cute and fun... check it out!

And of course.... the ultimate rainbow cake... though I've never actually tasted one that I really like (I did hear though that Convivium makes an awesome one!), this pic is mouth-watering!