printable schedule found from this website

Though my son is really good kid, like any other boy in his class, doing his homework and any other daily activity where he has to practice something academic would never be done if I didn't have a hand in it.
Last year, I kind of let it flow, I didn't feel that at his age I should be nagging him about homework. Though I encouraged him to do what was asked, I also didn't want him to feel pressured. However, this year, I feel like it's time to kind of step it up, time for Amal to focus a bit more on his school work and learn to organize himself better.

So I decided to make a daily schedule with him where all of his extra-curricular activities are written down as well as what he has to do once he gets home from these activities. At the beginning I thought I was too harsh, that I might just turn into a "Tiger Mom" all of the sudden. Then I realized that when I don't remind him to do his daily chores or give him a task, he has this urge to just jump on the sofa and turn the tv on. Now, when I'm home, that's not the case but half of the time, I only get home by 6.30pm so someone else is taking care of Amal, and he usually gets what he wants (whole other issue to talk about).
So far, the daily schedule has worked miraculously well! He doesn't even need to be reminded which is amazing. I made one that looks a bit like the one above. I thought I'd post that one because it's a printable schedule I found on Pinterest, in case you were looking for one.