For the past 10 months, my parents have been designing and constructing a new house and the time has finally come to pack our stuff and move in. Amal and I will also join them in this house since they have specifically made a special area for the 2 of us. It was a difficult decision to move back in with my parents but Amal seems so happy to be with them and I have to admit that I feel more relaxed going out and having a social life knowing he's home with his grandparents. I thank God every day for the parents I have :)

So this weekend we start moving big furniture in the new house but it'll take us about 1 week to really settle in and finally physically move. It's scary knowing we'll be moving to a new area, unknown to us, in a new house where we're going to have to adjust to everything. At least the lady across the street that owns the warteg seems really nice so that's a big plus...