One more week to go before the beginning of 2nd grade for Amal and I wish I had more fun holiday stories to tell but honestly, we've just been hanging out in Jakarta for the past month. I figured as long as Amal has things to do and can spend time playing, seeing friends and being home, he won't mind not going on some out-of-town trip for the holiday :)

However, last week, we did go out on a one-day trip to Ancol with 2 of the Cooking Playdate moms, Sandri and Ranie who also have little boys. The trip was specifically to check out our accommodation for the Rockinland Festival in 2 weeks time. We're thinking of booking some rooms so during the day we can play in Ancol and at night, we enjoy the concerts!

Anyway, we had a great day walking along the beach close to the Putri Duyung cottages and found this beautiful boat (photo above). Love the colors and couldn't resist taking a pic of Amal there.... We also went to Seaworld which was a lot of fun. Amal touched some starfish and turtles and we all saw the dugong, sharks and other fishes there. Did you know that they have a glow-in-the-dark room with fish paintings? Sandri and Arka were both wearing white so I just love the photo below: