It's that time of year when I think of organizing a picnic, because Amal is on holiday and if we want to have a picnic at the Bogor Botanical Gardens, it has to be on a weekday. I've always loved picnics: eating in the outdoors, kids running around, small yummy bites to eat and refreshing drinks are just a few things that comes to mind when I think about a picnic...

Besides the food, I really think the setting is very important. For example, you have to have a really nice blanket or spread to lay on the grass to make you feel comfortable. Cushions will add a homey touch if you have some. The picnic basket is also a must (but unfortunately I don't have one so other baskets will have to do). Music with speakers can also really help the atmosphere as well as good table utensils like plastic plates, spoons, forks and glasses (I would just use IKEA's kids table set cause they're eco-friendly).

Now for the food and drinks:
Drinks have to be icy fresh! I mean, you're outdoors, especially in Indonesia, and you just have to have cold drinks! So I would prepare like a bucket or cooler filled with 5kg of ice cubes to keep the drinks fresh.
Drinks that could be a good thirst quencher would be like: lemonade, watermelon juice, pineapple and mint juice, cucumber water and of course, if it's an adults only picnic: sangria!

The food has to be really simple to make and eat! It's the holidays, you're relaxing so no use to spend hours cooking for this picnic. Anything simple will be enjoyable because the setting helps to keep you happy all the time.
For my upcoming picnic, I was thinking of maybe making some fruit kebabs with vanilla yoghurt dip and a tuna rice salad (it's a french specialty) but I'm also thinking of making a "dip" theme and making pita bread with guacamole dip & broccoli with feta dip..... so I don't know, I'll have to make up my mind soon :)

Other essential things to bring: condiments, trash bags, paper towels, napkins, bug spray and activities for your kids, like balls for example.

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