Who else can't wait to see the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton? :)
Call me a dreamer, but I love royal weddings and tales of royalty. So for those of you living in Indonesia, below is the list of TV channels that will be showing the wedding live. I was googling to find the schedule and found a blog called Daniel's desk that gave all the information I was looking for. So I happily copy-pasted it for you. Enjoy the wedding!

The wedding ceremony in Abbey starts April 29, 11 a.m. local time, so it means 5 p.m. (WIB) here

CNN - "A Royal Wedding"
starts @ 3 p.m. (WIB)

BBC Knowledge - "The British Royal Wedding"
starts @ 2 p.m.

E! - "William & Kate's Royal Wedding"
starts @ 3 p.m. | hosted by Giulliana Rancic

TLC - "William & Kate: Royal Wedding"
starts @ 4 p.m.

DW TV Asia - "The Royal Wedding Live"
starts @ 4 p.m.