Last weekend, Amal & a few friends - Momo, Mabel, Sabine & baby Jiri - as well as their moms travelled all the way to Desa YUM Cipanas to learn about organic farming but mostly to learn how to harvest and get their hands dirty!

They first started at the compost area where Kang Oleh tried to explain about the steps to make compost but as you can see in the photo above, the boys weren't as comfortable there as the others. They much preferred to feed the rabbits instead :)
Finally they all went to the gardens where they first learned how to harvest carrots which were a lot of fun, though I tried and it's not as easy as it seems because some are well grounded in the soil so you have to use a fork to get the carrot out. They also harvested salad, pakchoy, corn and tomatoes.
Jiri joined the fun though only for a while because the sun was so hot and unfortunately, his cute hat fell into some mud :) The best part I think was seeing the kids wash their vegetables in order to bring them back home. They were all very keen and cleaned the whole lot without complaining! Amazing!
All in all, an excellent day... and I'm even thinking of sending Amal to help at the farm during his 5-weeks holiday in July...hehehehe :)