I have to admit I don't have the "greenest" hands... I've never planted anything my whole life! But ever since I've worked for Yayasan Usaha Mulia and started promoting their Organic Farm, I can't help but be more excited at the idea of getting my hands dirty. So today Amal came home and said his teacher asked him to plant something. See, he's learning about earth's natural resources and of course, about trees and soil. So I get out some seeds I had bought (almost a year ago...shame on me!) - rosemary and lavender - and well, just went with my instinct and started instructing Amal on what he had to do. We'll see how they turn out... I'll keep you posted! :)

First we put some dirt & compost in some small peat pots that I had bought at Ace Hardware.
Then we made a hole in the soil, put in the seeds, covered it up with soil again and gently watered them.
Et voila! You'll have to see what becomes of them in a few weeks :)