Holidays are so much more fun when there is family... at least that's my opinion :)
Amal & I went for a 5 days trip to Kuala Lumpur to see Amal's cousins, Diada and Chaya who live in the heart of KL (I'm jealous!).... We always have great fun there not only because we're with family, but because there are quite a few things to do:

- Parks: There are at least 3 big parks in KL, with free playgrounds for kids, horse rides, animal parks, kiddie pools, etc.

- Food: from indian to chinese, malay to thai, there's a variety of really good food there

- Shopping: I have to say that I do like the malls there and my sister-in-law really knows where to buy good quality cheap stuff so kudos to her and her shopping skills :)

- Petrosains: This science museum really impressed me. It's really worth going here with your kids. It's well done, well maintained and really fun for kids.

Oh, and it really didn't hurt that when we were there, the Dinos Alive exhibition was on. Amal was ecstatic, head over heels when he saw the dinos roaring full size and all.