Last week I finally found the time to watch this TED Talk. I had seen Neil Pasricha's blog "1000 Awesome Things" maybe a year ago and found it really funny and uplifting but somehow forgot about it.
He has since then won a Webby award (he deserves it!) and in this TED Talk shares about the 3 A's that will make your life even more awesome:
Attitude - when life gives you lemons, you have a choice between staying bitter or moving on and seeing life differently (trust me, move on!)
Awareness - just look at the world through a different lens, discovering new things, being in awe more often
Authenticity - this is just to be you, to follow your heart and you'll end up being fulfilled

Now, if you check out his blog, you'll find some really great awesome things you can relate to. I found this one which will make all the ladies go "Aaawwww...":