During our stay in Singapore a couple of months ago, I bought a book called "The Berenstain Bears and The Golden Rule". I was really happy to have found it because I'm a big fan of the talk by Karen Armstrong called "Let's Revive The Golden Rule". So what IS the Golden Rule?

I believe this is the single most important rule to teach your children. If your child understands the concept of treating others fairly, respecting others and being empathic, then I believe everything else is secondary. For me, being a good person comes before being a smart person or a successful person.

I like this article written by the blog Zen Habits called "18 Practical Tips for Living The Golden Rule". Some of the tips include:
* Practice compassion
* Be helpful
* Stop criticism
* Don't control others
* Be friendly

If you want to see Karen Armstrong's talk about the Golden Rule, you can go to TED.com or view it below: