Today the Parents' Association of my son's school invited all parents to attend a batik class.... I've always wanted to do this but never found the time. I'm so glad I took the time to go today :)

First lesson today was to wax paint a simple small pattern on a cloth so we could get the hang of it.

Then we trace a pattern on our choice of media (bag, wooden mask, wooden sculpture, etc) and I chose a bag.

After we've traced the pattern, we get to work on wax painting it so as to cover the pattern we don't want to have colored/dyed.

The bag then has to be put in a dye bath (I chose the color of my bag to be blue) for approximately 30 minutes. It was then put into boiling water before being dried in the sun.

Et voila.... This is how it looks like after being dried in the sun! :)