My cousin, who started an arts management and event organizer company, is currently organizing an exhibition of sculptures by Noor Ibrahim, an artist from Yogyakarta. I went to see the exhibition a few days ago and really enjoyed his works. They're very unique, and I love the medium that he uses for his sculptures. Some people may say his sculptures are scary, but I rather think they're quite amusing.

some of his sculptures on the rooftop of the gallery 

the interior of the gallery

The exhibition is currently taking place at Kemang 58, Jl. Kemang Raya No. 58, Jakarta Selatan.
If you're interested, the exhibition will run until 29th July, and is open from 10 am to 5pm (sometimes later according to my cousin because the artist himself likes to hangout till late at night there).
I met the artist himself and from what I understood, the whole point of making these faces are not to demonstrate beauty but on the contrary, that people have many faces, many personalities, and this is what he's trying to portray.
Noor Ibrahim, I was told, has also been invited to expose his sculptures in Paris this September.