So my mom's in France right now and I received an email from my uncle this morning with a few pictures of an exhibition they went to yesterday. I am super jealous! It's like nothing I've seen before: the concept is paintings of Van Gogh and Gauguin, projected onto white rocks via multimedia and so as you'll see in the pictures below, you are surrounded by the painting from head to toe!

The exhibition is situated in the south of France in the area of Les Baux de Provence, where there is a quarry of white limestome called Carrieres du Val d'Enfer. This type of stone was apparently used to build castles. However, modern materials led to the closure of the quarry and since 1977, it has hosted many audio visual shows. This is what the Carrieres du Val d'Enfer actually looks like from the outside and inside when there's no exhibition:

If you're interested to know more about the exhibition and how it's done, check out the website, which also features a small video.