** I know I don't talk about my divorce much (or ever?) in this blog but I believe I've been really lucky to have people/family around me who have been more than supportive, not only through their advice but also their presence. Sometimes I get the opportunity to help others when they're going through the same situation or just a hiccup in their marriage, but I generally try to stay neutral.
However, when I read the article below I couldn't resist to share with you because it sort of sums up what I also feel about divorce: it can be a good thing, especially for the children. I'm in no way promoting divorce, but sometimes it is the best way to go if everyone involved is or will be unhappy in the future.

Divorce And Kids: 5 Ways Divorce Benefits Kids

By Dr. Shoshana Bennett for YourTango.com

Contrary to popular belief, divorce isn't always negative for kids -- sometimes it's excellent for kids. Here are five ways that your children can benefit from your divorce:
1. When Mommy and Daddy are happier as individuals, their kids will be too. When there's ugliness between the couple, no one's happy. Once the halves of the couple move on and find their grounding, each one as an individual has the opportunity to be happier than ever. When children have a happy mom and dad, they'll do much better.
2. When the tension dissolves out of the house, kids will be more relaxed.Children are like barometers. You can measure the level of tension in the air by their behavior. Once the split happens and the nasty intensity in the environment fades, watch how the children’s behavior follows. 

3. When you model that you deserve to be in a satisfying and supportive relationship, you model something wonderful to your kids. If you stay in a bad relationship "for the kids," don't fool yourself that the kids will really benefit. Although there will be certainly be an adjustment when you divorce, the end result is positive. You’re showing your children not to settle for an unhealthy marriage.
4. With shared custody, kids have the opportunity to experience each parent as a full and competent parent. Usually when both parents are together, one of them takes on most of the nurturing and/or logistical planning. After a divorce, the children can have each parent completely focusing on them with the time they have together. They can also see each parent fully taking care of home business.
5. There's the potential for your kids to either witness you being happy on your own or finding a better partner, both of which are a good thing.Whether or not you decide to pair up with another mate, your kids can benefit by watching your joyful independence or new positive relationship. Either way, your children will benefit.
So, if you were thinking this article would be about the horrors your children will experience if you divorce, at this point you're either hugely disappointed or greatly relieved. What's most important to remember is your newfound single life after divorce is what you make it -- and your children's attitude and well-being will follow suit.