I cannot believe what is happening in one week's time: I'll be leaving for Brussels!! The land that brought us Tintin and the Smurfs... and also where I lived for 6 years by the way :)
I've been dreaming of going back and seeing my best friend, My-Lan, but well plane tickets don't come cheap so I was optimistic yet realistic that one day I'll go back but not any time soon. Until the famous confirmation from an NGO in Brussels inviting me to make a few presentations about YUM and our work dealing with clean water.

The photo above is me and My-Lan in 2003 when I went to Brussels for My-Lan's wedding. I can't wait to see her 2 kids and her husband Attila... then we're planning on a girls' trip to Paris for 2 days to see some friends... Woohoo! I wish I had more time so I could go meet my family in the south of France but I'll have to come back for that one, and that time it'll have to be with Amal :)