image by Garance Dore

This week, I'm trying something new which I hope will completely change my life. I'm going to try to: never use water (and soap) to clean my face ever again!
You probably think this is crazy (or if you don't and have proof of success, please let me know!) but as I was reading Garance Dore's blog, I had some sort of epiphany and realized that yes, in the last year or so where I've been cleaning my face only with water & soap, it has actually gotten worse! And I'm not the type of person to wear lots of makeup, foundation, powder, etc and I put on a moisturizer daily, so why was this happening?

Then I realized that the only time when my face was smooth was during my stay in Paris. Ok you can say that the air there was probably much better, but I was never washing my face with soap & water, I was using a milk cleanser & a tonic, which is exactly what is recommended by Garance's dermatologist. 
As I am in no capability to buy the 3 items on the list: 1/ The milk makeup remover Hydrabio Lait 2/ Avène’s Thermal Spring Water and 3/ The moisturizing cream Ictyane H.D. “for severe dry skin”, I am using locally made products, making sure they don't have too many chemicals or alcohol in them and hoping they'll do the trick.

I'll keep you posted! :)