As you have realized, I haven't posted anything lately. Besides the move to the new house, I was organizing Amal's birthday party, which was celebrated with Mabel whose birthday is 1 day after Amal's. And since we, the moms (see below) were both motivated to make a birthday party for our kids, we decided to make one party for both kids! It was an excellent idea! First of all, because I had a friend to talk to about decorating, food, games, etc. Also, just organizing something with a friend makes everything so much more fun than doing it on your own. All that hard work was really worth it since I got to do it with my good friend Tarra :D

We tried to keep the food as simple as possible. We made a huge batch of spaghetti for kids and parents, fruit salad in a cup for the kids, and we bought sate and sushi for the parents too. Besides these main food, we also provided lots of snacks: chips, chacha, popcorn, and drinks in cooler boxes.

Since we were having a garden party, we knew that the boys would probably play ball but we still prepared several activities for the girls including mask making, cupcake decorating, playing Wii Michael Jackson and a photobooth with props ready. The cupcake decorating and photobooth was actually more of a hit with the moms rather than the kids :)

The birthday cake was made by the Upper Crust, a bakery and catering service started by an American woman many many years ago. She makes excellent chocolate cupcakes for only Rp. 60,000 per dozen. Amal's cake was blue inside (his request) and Mabel's was red velvet.

All in all, it was a great success. I can now rest knowing that my son has had a big birthday bash during his childhood years. Next birthday party will be in his teens...hehehhe....