Amal's turning 7 soon and I'm really seriously thinking of organizing a birthday party for him. I think all kids should have at least 1 big birthday party before his/her 10th birthday. I'm not sure that's gonna happen this year though because it'll be right during the Idul Fitri holidays. I could organize it after his birthday though, right? Hhhhmmm...

Anyway, if I did organize a birthday party, I'm thinking of making it at home, with homemade food and simple games and arts & crafts. I got a few inspirations from Pinterest. Check them out:

A candy station...yuuumm!!

Monster cupcakes.....gggrrrrr!

Backyard bowling!

Popsicle invites!

There are some really excellent websites out there that have great party ideas like:

Oh Happy Day has a special tab on Party and Wedding Ideas and Birthday Ideas

And did you know that you can rent toys and play equipment in Jakarta?

The Urban Mama also has great party ideas for you to check out

Last but not least, Family Guide to Jakarta has a special page filled with decorating ideas, venues, catering, entertainers to make a super special birthday party