I haven't been to the National Museum for at least a few years.... I can't quite remember when was the last time I set foot there. But one thing I do remember is how low the entrance fee was, and trying to understand how exactly they were able to survive with such low prices. I also remember that the museum was building a new annexe and it looked really good, but at that time it wasn't open yet.

Now cut to about 2 weeks ago when I met a friend who told me the museum is currently organizing Weekend Events or what they call "Akhir Pekan di Museum". These activities are targeted at children and usually consists of storytelling and arts & crafts sessions, but I think all ages can enjoy. So I took Amal and my good friend Tarra & her kids last Sunday. We went quite early in the morning, took the TransJakarta since it was car-free day and arrived there around 9am. We were there to hear the storytelling session called "Samurai Bersepeda" performed by actors from Teater Koma, and I can honestly say it was really good! I think we all enjoyed the storytelling session and had a look around the museum after that. Here are just a few of the things I thought were really awesome: 

If you're interested to check out the schedule for "Akhir Pekan di Museum", you can go to their facebook page :)