The "summer" holidays have started... Clearly in Indonesia you don't really feel the difference in the weather but if you check some popular blogs, you'll see many many posts about summer inspiration, and I love reading them! I haven't had the chance to browse for a really long time, and I'm so happy I finally got to do it today while helping my dad play host to a family gathering for my uncles and aunts. While they were busy having amongst themselves (and my son was busy with his dad), I found some really great ideas:

This is a picnic inspiration post by Design Mom. Love the idea of fruits and salad in a jar! She also talks about other things besides food, such as location, cutlery, etc. My parents are building a pool in their backyard, and I can't wait to get some friends over and have a picnic!

This one came from the uber talented Jordan Ferney, a post about flavoured lemonades, which of course is the drink of choice for any hot day!

Doesn't this look awesome? Instead of watching a movie indoors, you hang a white sheet outside, put some blankets, make popcorn and lemonade and watch the movie outside with your friends. This post was from sfgirlbybay.